Gonna be a little more active

2012-02-13 20:12:48 by JNAtheDUDE


I'mma try to be more active in the NG community. ^_^

Oh well~


2010-04-18 00:33:05 by JNAtheDUDE

I decided to scrap the whole "Ghostbusters" flash I was working on.

Too time consuming. And plus, I did little work on it, anyway.

So, I announce to you a new flash, which will be a SheezyART exclusive. So, yeah. I'm a whore; I'm announcing the flash on NG, but releasing it on SA. Where have we heard this before?

Anyway, my flash is about a special something that is on ALL of our minds, though no one decided to speak up about it.

What is it, you ask? I'm not telling...


RE: Working on a Flash

2009-07-26 22:43:17 by JNAtheDUDE

If you came here from my deviantART or my twitter (Account link unavailable), you should already know that I have a flash in production.

But there's one major snag...

The freakin' scripting.

Once I get it fixed and cleaned up, I'll put it up in the NG Alphas.

If it works, I'll finally put it up on Newgrounds!

For now, I leave you with this teaser on what my animation is actually about.

---1-18-2010 EDIT---------------
And when my computer crashed, guess what went along with it? (And no, I do NOT believe in making back-ups... though I am deeply considering making some, now.)

Yeah. I just MIGHT think about redoing the flash on my laptop, but all the freakin' voices have to be done over, and all the hours I put into the freakin' flash... I dunno. I think it might be easier now that I have a tablet.

We'll see.


P.S. I made a new logo for the flash. See it below. (And yes, the time I put into this traced logo does, in fact, kinda re-kindle my intentions on redoing the flash.)

RE: Working on a Flash